Return to Nature
A Tranquil
Mountain Retreat



In the heart of Shikoku, far from Japan's urban bustle, Asan Kotonami is found within the mountains that form the border between Kagawa and Tokushima. Surrounded by lush forests and pure mountain streams, our mountain retreat takes you away from the stresses of modern life.

Make yourself at home in this peaceful mountain haven
  • Feel the sound of the forest

    Feel the sound of the forest

    Melt into the mountain scenery in our open-air bath "Seseragi", which overlooks a nearby mountain stream. Bathers can listen to nature's symphony, from birdsong to flowing waters, as they unwind in the soothing warmth. During the day, the surrounding forest paints the bath with dappled sunlight, and at night, enjoy a blanket of stars winking down. Early summer brings glowing fireflies, so no matter the time of year, nature's wonders are waiting to be discovered.

  • Guest Rooms Overlooking a Tapestry of Seasonal Beauty

    Guest Rooms Overlooking a Tapestry of Seasonal Beauty

    Our accommodations offer a variety of stay options, from our Moderate rooms in the main hotel to personal cottages in our Satoyama Hutte, which dot the mountainside within our grounds. On each room's terrace, guests will find comfy seating for naps and relaxing; some rooms even have hammocks for that great outdoors feel.

  • A Heartwarming Hearthside Lounge

    A Heartwarming Hearthside Lounge

    Not seen much in modern Japan, an "irori" hearth used to be the center of home life. Families gathered to eat, talk, and spend quiet time together around its warmth. Keeping this tradition alive, Asan Kotonami has its very own modern irori in our guest lounge. Come enjoy the crackle of the fire and roast a marshmallow or two.

  • Trekking & Starwatching in Mother Nature

    Trekking & Starwatching in Mother Nature

    Asan Kotonami is the perfect home base while you explore the surrounding area, or stay in and watch the sky from our Stargazing Terrace. The closest major peak to our hotel is Mount Daisen, which is a great place to spend a day hiking, but night sky is perhaps our most special feature. Manno-cho has hardly any light pollution, and you can catch many constellations here that are normally obscured from view. In fact, Manno-cho lent its name (styled Mannoucyo) to one of the minor planets discovered by astronomers in 1995.

  • Internet + Audio Connectivity

    Internet + Audio Connectivity

    ■Internet Connectivity
    All guest rooms are equipped with wi-fi wireless internet. ■VOD/Mirroring Connectivity
    Guests of Asan Kotonami can enjoy free video-on-demand service in each room, or connect their smartphones to the TV through Bluetooth or mirroring. Listen to music and look through photos from your adventures on the big screen.

  • Free Drinks & Mini-bar

    Free Drinks & Mini-bar

    Enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of coffee any time from the Nespresso machine found in each room (free). Or if a cold beverage is more appealing, a wide variety of unique local drinks can be found in the fridge (fees vary by drink.)